1" Wide BioThane Handle (Beta Series BioThane)

1" Wide BioThane Handle (Beta Series BioThane)
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Add this handle to a jaeger lead for full control of your jaeger lead when it is in the 4' leash postions.  Use this handle when you want full head control and are in a tight crowded area or just clip it to your belt loop so that you have it if you need it! Our Handles are made of Genuine BioThane that has superior performance, strength and durability that will outlast any nylon and vinyl handle. Some benefits to BioThane are:

* Durable
* Easy to clean
* Waterproof
* Flexible
* Abrasion-resistant
* Moisture-resistant
* Light weight
* Hygienic
* Odorless

(For a complete detail of Beta Series BioThane check out the About BioThane section)

We offer two different hardware options; Nickle Plated Steel and Solid Brass.  Our Solid Brass is excatly that, solid Brass, not brass plated.

BioThane also comes in a wide selection of bright vibrant colors. All of our handles are personally handmade by myself, if there is a custom product that you are interested in please contact us.

(See color selection guide under images)

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